Get boutique luxury brand cigars delivered to your door monthly.

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We pride ourselves on understanding what you’ll love in a cigar.

Custom blends for Jefe Members only. Delivered every month.  Jefe membership specializes in boutique cigar brands. You’ll be impressed by the quality and value that we deliver each month.

The World’s Finest Cigars Delivered To Your Doorstep

Our panel smokes thousands of international cigars per year, rating each for appearance, flavor profile, aroma, smoke volume and construction.  We look for proper aging, outstanding blends, an even burn and effortless draw.

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$49.99 mo.

Members receive our signature Jefe 4 Pack delivered to your front door monthly. Members also receive 10% off storewide.

  • 10 % Off Storewide
  • 4 Signature Jefe Cigars

$99.99 mo.

Members receive 20% off storewide and indulge in 9 Jefe cigars as a part of our signature collection. Additionally, receive exclusive discounts on events and first access premium offerings.

  • 20% Off Storewide
  • 9 Signature Jefe Cigars
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